a data science startup, built around its own incubator

Tucked away in an urban warehouse, only a few blocks from prestigious Northwestern University, Gray Otter looks like any other tech startup… on the outside. But on the inside, things are a little different. There’s something unique about this data startup. grayOtter (or GO, as the team calls it) was born from its own incubators.  3 years ago we began developing our own behavior-focused data science models to help companies find new (and better) ways to grow. Add on our own proprietary web/data software and it starts to get even cooler. Last year, we took it up a notch, testing our data science, marketing, and software on two real-life incubators: an inbound marketing firm, and an e-commerce company that’s been in business for 15 years. The results were astounding.

Web traffic nearly doubled for some of our first beta customers, and web conversion spiked. Page rank tripled within weeks. Sales of one particular product line doubled in less than a month. That’s when we knew we were on to something. With our own testing and results data in hand, grayOtter began to prepare for its initial launch. This spring our last big step was complete. Funded by our founders, grayOtter officially purchased our incubators, rolling them into the new company. With that move, our Social Intelligence company was born!

Why "Gray Otter?"

The Gray — Social intelligence is about people. We study patterns and trends in behavior to predict what a user (or customer) might do. People don’t always do what you expect and behavior is not totally black and white. The behavior that lays in the  gray area can be refined and utilized using data science.

The Otter — Otters are intelligent, fun, and social. Data science is pretty nerdy — we get it… and we love it. But in the middle of all that nerding out, you have to stop and shoot a nerf gun once in awhile. Working (and playing) together as a team is what allows us to do the impossible on a daily basis and have fun doing it.

what does grayOtter do?