Understanding User Intent to Launch Successfully 

Dec 15, 2019 | Blog, Data Science | 0 comments

There’s more online competition than ever before. With so many different companies and products begging for our attention, reaching your target audience can seem almost impossible. If that wasn’t enough, some new companies seem like overnight successes that have discovered some secret growth hacking formula. 

So what exactly are you missing? How can you stand out from the competition and experience your own successful launch?

Identify Growth Opportunities

There are plenty of growth opportunities to go around. The real challenge is learning how to identify the right opportunities that will help you grow. Finding the right opportunities can be challenging, especially for companies just starting out.

While growth hacking isn’t easy, it’s definitely not impossible. Even small businesses and startups have growth hacking potential when they know where to look. For instance, one of our very own clients experienced 80% growth in just one year. How did a small business with dwindling sales experience such massive growth?

The driving force for this level of success came down to understanding user intent.

Skip Traditional SEO and Focus on User Intent

Before our client’s e-commerce company underwent massive growth, it was experiencing a severe sales decline. Sales were so low, in fact, that the company wasn’t sure it would survive. The reason for this steep decline was that Google updated its algorithm. For six years, our client’s site was hit hard by these changes.

With the help of Gray Otter’s in-house data science method called the Intent Model, our client was able to increase sales and save their company. By identifying the intent behind user searches, online content was re-optimized to focus on the purpose behind the user’s search.

As a result, prospective customers were able to easily find products and services that were most relevant to them. The solution was simple – in order to be successful, our client had to abandon traditional SEO methods and focus on user intent.

Develop a Launch Strategy Focused on User Intent

It can be wildly frustrating when your new product isn’t getting the online recognition you know it deserves. Focusing solely on keyword metrics won’t boost your content.

In fact, it might even hurt your ranking potential like it did for our client.

Instead, create content that focuses on addressing the user’s intent.

If you can understand what the user wants (beyond just what they’re searching for), you can create products that they actually need, supported by content that delivers on their expectations.

The Intent Model works to predict and understand the purpose behind user behavior. This allows you to design products to solve users real problems while writing data-driven content that will attract and engage your audience. 

If you align your product launch with your user’s intent, you will win — every time.

Check out Case Study: Winning the Google Game to learn more about how Gray Otter reversed years of declining sales for a struggling business in just a few months.



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