what we do

engineering growth through social intelligence

what is social intelligence?

The dictionary defines social intelligence as the ability to form rewarding relationships with other people. We like to define it a little differently. We believe high social intelligence helps you understand — and ultimately influence — behavior. grayOtter is a data science and software company designed to help you get smarter about people. We believe social predictive analytics can help you identify new opportunities, find new customers, and grow your organization.

We also believe that data shouldn’t just tell you what to do, but how to do it.  Intelligence on it’s own isn’t enough. You have to be able to apply it to solve a problem. Advancing a company, or initiative, can be challenging. At grayOtter, we are continually developing new research methods, new data models, and new software, to engineer growth.

how can we help your organization?

research > analysis > prediction


The information you crave to make better decisions.

The intelligence you want to create a better strategy.

The insight you need to make your plan a reality.

data > web
> personalization


Intelligence to help you learn about your visitors.

Technology to create a better online experience.

Increased conversion to get you more website leads.

insight > knowledge > application


Discover the latest research about social intelligence.

Learn how you can use it to help grow your organization.

Connect with others to expand and apply your knowledge.

search > engage > convert


Get found online by your ideal customers.

Interact with your audience through social media.

Convert visitors to leads through email marketing.

is grayOtter right for you?